Woodcock Certifying Acceptance Agent has set up a process to issue new ITINs. Here is a breakdown of our process.

Step 1

To begin the Application for Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), Woodcock CAA will help and assist you to complete the IRS Form W-7.

Step 2

Woodcock Certifying Acceptance Agent will review and confirm supporting documents and the completed W-7 form as needed for submission.

Step 3

To show that the ITIN application is authentic, accurate and complete, Woodcock Certifying Acceptance AgentĀ  will issue a Certificate of Accuracy to the IRS.

Step 4

Our Certifying Acceptance Agent will submit your application to the IRS ITIN Operations office for processing. Our agent submits the applications on the same day.

Step 5

Woodcock Certifying Acceptance Agent will receive a copy of your ITIN from the IRS and will then provide you with a copy of the document.


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