28 November 2022

Using a Certifying Acceptance Agent to claim US inheritance

If a US estate, Trust, or Pension names you as a benefactor, you may need an ITIN.
Using A CAA To Claim US Inheritance 1

If you are named as a beneficiary of a US Estate and you are not a US citizen, you may need an ITIN to claim your inheritance.

An ITIN is an Individual Tax Identification Number, and you will need one if a family member or friend in the US dies and names you in the inheritance. Without an ITIN, you will be unable to claim your part of the US estate. 

You will likely need an ITIN as a beneficiary for:

  • US Pensions
  • US Estates
  • US Trusts
  • US retirement accounts (including State Retirement accounts)
  • US brokerage accounts

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) are the most common type of inheritance for non-US citizens. In these cases, the IRA provider will require paperwork, which will include the requirement for an ITIN.

How can a Certifying Acceptance Agent help get your ITIN?

The process of acquiring an ITIN is made smoother when you use a Certifying Acceptance Agent. This means you will not have to send your original documents to the USA.

A Certifying Acceptance Agent can verify your identity and, as they are trusted and authorised by the IRS, they are able to bypass the requirement to send documents abroad.

What is the process?

One of our Certifying Acceptance Agents will assist you with the IRS Form W-7. We will also review your supporting documentary evidence required by the IRS to certify that your ITIN application is complete.

After the validity of your documents has been established, we will issue them with a Certificate of Accuracy. One of our agents will then submit your application to the IRS ITIN Operations Office for processing.

After the IRS has processed it, which typically takes 9-12 weeks, we receive your ITIN on your behalf, before providing you with a copy. This can then be used to claim your inheritance from the US.

Want to find out more?

If you need an ITIN, are confused about how to get one, or are struggling to apply for one, we can help. Contact us to start the process today.

Additionally, we have a blog about how to file US tax returns if you would like more information.

Woodcock Notary Public Limited is a Certifying Acceptance Agent, authorised by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to expedite the processing of Forms W-7, Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number.

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